Upcycled Jacquard Biker Vest in Pastel


This limited-edition upcycled biker vest is crafted in a patchwork of light green, light purple and multicolored mixed-floral jacquard. It carries the Collection's statement and striking cutouts at the rear, which brings the twist into this timeless piece.

Designed by Kévin Germanier and Victor Chu for the Trailblazer Collection. Meet them here.


Fabric swatches

Eco dry clean

ecomm vest pastel


  • Slim fit.

  • This garment is made of 48% polyester, 15% nylon, 15% silk, 15% rayon, 7% cotton

  • Made in Los Angeles, USA.

  • We donate 25% of our profits to our sister charity Redress.

  • Questions about the product? Email us at sales@thercollective.com.

kevin and victor back

Know the supply chain

This garment's luxury and limited edition fabric was sourced in Hong Kong from a brand; the fabrics were shipped to New York, where a local master tailor lovingly hand sewed this piece; before it was shipped back in Hong Kong and onwards to you.

kevin and victor back
kevin and victor cover

Know the fabric

This was made using fabrics that were donated by a luxury brand, who didn’t want them anymore and who couldn’t sell them to jobbers, as the quantities weren’t enough. The fabrics came with test results.

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Know how to care

Sometimes you feel a little delicate. Well, this garment feels that way all the time, so you’ve got to hand wash it. Use a delicate soap and lay flat to dry to keep this baby looking its best. Hand washing is also better for the environment.

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