The R Collective communicates the new culture and state of mind that’s evolving around the world of fashion. From Tokyo to Timbuktu, we know there are many people and designers who feel inspired to let more conscious lifestyles out of the closet. So we’ve bottled some of that culture here. Check out R Stories below, which feature some of our trailblazing customers stories, from plastic-free warriors to refreshingly honest journalists, and learn more about R Designers’ stories that will inspire us all even more to take action in our own journeys. Finally, we believe that there is an evolving new culture around how we care for our clothes - ie better! - and so we’ve shared just a small snippet to inspire you in care more for clothes. 

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Carina Fisher

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They say in life we ought to focus on the journey - and not the destination. We agree. That’s why we celebrate the stories - from the inspiring trailblazers who wear our clothes to the heroic stories behind R Designers’ collections - that form the journeys of life around us. 

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From cleaning to storage and repair, learning to care for your clothes properly is an essential if you want a more conscious wardrobe. Think of this as honing your culture around better care for clothes.  Bonus: it makes them last longer!

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